About PSMF

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PSMF: professionalism in service management

The Professional Service Management Framework (PSMF) o ers a new way to encourage personal and professional development in service management. The framework of 42 competency areas – outlined below – helps organisations and individuals to identify and foster the skills needed in today’s service management environment. That includes not just the core technical capabilities which are well understood but the interpersonal, business, and leadership skills that are increasingly in demand.


1. PSMF Membership and the PSMF Global scorecard

PSMF provides detailed descriptions and learning and development guides for 42 areas of competency in service management. Over time these resources will link to information, relevant courses from partner organisations, and hints and tips to help you develop the skills of your service management team.

Our new digital scorecard, PSMF Global (psmf.global), allows service management practitioners to map their own skills and strengths against the competencies in PSMF. Each individual can create a scorecard profi le and start to collect endorsements from their managers and colleagues, as well as from special interest groups within itSMF UK. They can also take their scorecard with them if they move on to a new role.

And with our new PSMF Membership, available to all itSMF UK members as a free upgrade, your organisation can participate fully in PSMF Global. The enterprise itself will gain access to a network of employees and contacts, monitoring and managing sta development and identifying hot spots and skills gaps. This is just one of a number of benefi ts that PSMF members will be able to enjoy – so why not sign up for PSMF Membership today?

For more information on PSMF Membership and the PSMF Global scorecard, please visit www.itsmf.co.uk/psmf


2. Become a verified partner and give credit where it’s due

PSMF membership also o ers an opportunity to become a Verified Partner. What this means is that itSMF UK will work with your team to review and endorse the systems you use for assessing the performance and competency of your service management practitioners. We’ll look at areas such as your integrated management system; service management policy and processes; top management commitment; and leadership accountability and responsibility.

Once we’ve completed this review, seen how your processes work, and agreed any course of action with regard to gaps or other areas requiring attention, we’ll be able to endorse your organisation as a PSMF Verified Partner.


3. Verified Partners and PSMF credits

Anyone can nominate an individual for endorsements within the PSMF scheme, but they are particularly valuable when they are used as part of your corporate appraisal process. They indicate that the individual in question has met or exceeded a particular goal, developed a new competency, or succeeded in some other respect relevant to their work role or broader life skills – either core ITSM competencies or the ‘softer’ skills that are equally important to career
development. The individual is recognised against the PSMF framework for demonstrating competency at one of two levels, associate or professional.

If the endorsement comes from a Verifi ed Partner – for example a manager within a Verifi ed Partner organisation or the chair of a recognised special interest group – the endorsements will receive accreditation from itSMF UK, and the individual will gain credits on their scorecard. Four or more credits in the same competency area and they will receive a digital badge for that area of expertise.


4. Benefits for the organisation and the individual

With PSMF, you benefi t as an organisation by demonstrating your commitment to your team and their future growth and development, and by helping to establish service management as a genuine profession.

For the individuals in your team, PSMF o ers an ever growing source of information and reference, coupled with an on-going, transferable accreditation scheme that embraces both core technical skills and a whole range of new management and business-focused competencies.


One other thing...

As we gather more information on the many varied service management roles and career paths, and the steps that our professionals have taken along the way, we’ll be creating a unique picture of what the service management industry really looks like, and what options are available to those who choose to work in it. This is a truly valuable resource, but it can only be achieved with the combined commitment of our members, partners and associates, together making PSMF a framework for the industry.